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Customer Catalog
Bayer (China) Co., Ltd.
Lilly Pharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Roche R & D (China) Co., Ltd.
Beijing Xi Ba Corning pharmaceutical factory
Beijing Ted Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Beijing Novartis Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Xianle Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Xiang Xue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Xianning pharmaceutical factory in Guangzhou
Pioneer medicine
Nanjing Schering Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Jin licensing Biomedical Co., Ltd.
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Hisun Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Airport depot
Bohai Petroleum Co., Ltd.
Yingkou Flowserve Oil Co., Ltd.
China World Chemical Co., Ltd.
Clariant Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.
BASF Polyurethane (China) Co., Ltd.
Good to chemical (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd.
Flint (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. ink
Shanghai West Pakistan Corning chemicals company
Shanghai Jahwa United Co., Ltd.
Michelin Shanghai Tire Co., Ltd.
Lode Fine Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Degussa Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Klüber Lubrication Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Judicial Interpol System:
Shanghai Xing police 803
Shanghai Institute of Forensic Sciences
Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Interpol detachment
Guangzhou Public Security Bureau Nansha Branch
Guangzhou City Public Security Physical Evidence Identification Center
Beijing Supreme People's Procuratorate Forensic Center
nuclear powers:
Ling Wo nuclear power plant XL + LA floor
Ling Wo Nuclear Power Station NBA Building
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
China Guangdong Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Tianwan Nuclear Power Station
Suzhou Institute of Thermal Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Food and cosmetic:
Amway (China) Commodity Co., Ltd.
Johnson & Johnson (China) Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Lai Liya cosmetics company
L'Oreal (China) Co., Ltd.
Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Watsons Guangzhou personal stores Limited
Guangzhou Langqi Procter & Gamble Co.
Guangdong JDB Food & Beverage Co., Ltd.
Dumex Infant Food Co., Ltd.
Huiyuan juice
PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd.
Heinz United Co., Ltd.
Fujian Huiquan Beer Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Asahi Tsingtao Brewery
Fenmei Italian flavor spices (China) Co., Ltd.
Inspection and quarantine:
Shenzhen Yantian Inspection and Quarantine
Shenzhen Exit Inspection and Quarantine
Shanghai Import and Export Exit Inspection and Quarantine
Guangdong Exit Inspection and Quarantine
Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Industrial Raw Materials Center
Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bonded Area Alcohol and Cosmetics Testing Center
medical hygiene:
Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Guangzhou Southern Hospital
Guangzhou Skin Institute
Guangzhou Baxter Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Luohu District People's Hospital Center Laboratory
Luohu District People's Hospital of Shenzhen Reproductive Medicine Research Center
Luohu District People's Hospital of Shenzhen City pathology
Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Dr?ger Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Tianjin Baxter Medical Products Co., Ltd.
Environmental protection and water supply:
Zhuhai City Environmental Protection Monitoring Station
Shunde Environmental Monitoring Station
Zhuhai City Urban Drainage Monitoring Station
Yantian District, Shenzhen Environmental Monitoring Station
Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau
Shenzhen hazardous waste treatment station
Zhuhai City Urban Drainage Monitoring Station
Foshan Water Supply Company
Shenzhen Water (Group) Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Water Company
Shenzhen manhole water plant
Tangxia Water Supply Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Marine Resources Monitoring Center
Han Blue Environment Co., Ltd.
Nanhai Development Co., Ltd.
Educational institutions:
Shanghai Jiaotong University
Department of Chemistry, Shenzhen University
Hong Kong university
Shanghai German law school
Tianjin Armed Police Medical College
American Johnson Company
Kodak (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen)
IKEA points pulling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Krupp Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Baosteel International Economic and Trade Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Long Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shanghai GM Co., Ltd. R & D center
Dongguan Fuan Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. (ventilation system)
Bo Tianjin billion Bo Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Advanced Semiconductor Materials Co., Ltd.
Gore Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Magna Automotive Powertrain (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Ou Meng (Hangzhou / Guangzhou) Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Co., Ltd.
Kunming Branch Ling Biological Technology Co., Ltd.